Here in Casa Laundry Laundromat, you can say goodbye to your laundry worries, you can schedule a pickup today, and we will be delighted to serve your needs.
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Dropoff Prices

Next Day
per pound

Same Day
per pound

Small Plan

30 Lbs Included in Plan
$ 39
99 Month
  • 30 Lbs Included in Plan
  • $1.33 Per Pound on Plan
  • $1.49 After plan used up

Medium Plan

60 Lbs Included in Plan
$ 69
99 Month
  • 60 Lbs Included in Plan
  • $1.17 Per Pound on Plan
  • $1.49 After plan used up

Large Plan

90 Lbs Included in Plan
$ 89
99 Month
  • 90 Lbs Included in Plan
  • $.99 Per Pound on Plan
  • $1.49 After plan used up

Wash and Fold


We realize

We realize that laundry is private so tell us exactly how you want yours done. Everything from what detergents and wash temps you prefer to how you like your socks rolled or folded.



From your preferred jeans to your baby’s blankie to special care items, our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.



Desire routine? Tell us when to begin and we’ll be there every week. Favor a bit more flexibility? Use us when you need us. Help for all types of families is just a tap, click or text away.

Casa Laundry

We Offer Drop Off Service or Free Local Pickup for all Residential and Commercial customers in Pomona CA and surrounding cities.
For our Laundromat Drop Off (All Drop off’s are made at the Water Store Next door). 

Process will only take 4 minutes (2 minutes to drop off & 2 minutes pickup.)
For our Laundromat pickup Service (Gives a call or Text with your Name and Address and place your laundry in a big Trash bag)
If you choose to come in and do your own Laundry (We have New equipment programmed with Light Cycle, will get your laundry done a lot quicker).
We are full attended at the water store next door and any problem with machines will be resolved on the SPOT.
Our laundromat in Pomona CA is Family owned and offer Free pickup and drop off