Residential laundry

Drop Off in 2 min

Pickup in 2 min

4 min laundry service

Spend time with your family and let Casa Laundry handle your laundry for you. We use only premium brand products for our Fluff and Fold such as Tide, Oxi-Clean, Downy, Spray n Wash, and Bounce dryer sheets.

When you bring your garments to our Laundry Drop-off location at Casa Laundry “Next door at the water shop” you can rest assured that your items are in experienced and caring hands. Your clothing is washed and dried entirely separate from all other orders, and all items are immediately hung on hangers or folded as they are removed from the dryers, resulting in a wrinkle-free, fresh pressed look. We will also match and fold your socks, and there is no extra charge for kids clothing.

Have special instructions? Just let us know! Our Pomona laundry cleaning service is more than happy to meet any special requests.